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Title | Reverberations: The Memoirs of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Author | Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Publisher | Fromm Intl

Details: 1990 | ISBN 978-0880641227 | paperback |


This book of memoirs provides valuable insights into the mind and personality of Fischer-Dieskau for those who are willing to read between the lines. It really consists of *two* books: a fairly brief recounting of the singer's early life, and a series of recollections of people (conductors, composers, pianists, other singers) with whom the singer worked during his long career. The revelations of self come mainly in F-D's reactions to the people and events that he experienced. The reader is never allowed to penetrate the wall of privacy that surrounds the author, but his seriousness about his art, his joy in collaboration with other artists, his curiosity, his humor, and his surprising insecurity come through very clearly. One major stumbling block is that the recollections are not presented chronologically but rather topically and almost in chains of associations. This makes reading somewhat difficult but also gives insights into how the author thinks. The other problem is the very pedestrian and error-ridden translation. Nevertheless, the book is invaluable for anyone who wants to understand more about the rebuilding of musical and artistic life in Germany after World War II. [Celia A. Sgroi]
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